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Volunteers - Do you love to write?

Legacy Writing Partners is a non-profit organization dedicated to matching volunteer interviewers/writers with storytellers to capture and preserve the recollections, reflections and insights of a lifetime. Volunteers receive one-on-one coaching and support as well as group training, free workshops by professional writers, coaches and publishing industry experts, and all the tools needed to record clients’ stories. The program of interview questions is already designed and it’s very easy to learn.

We can help you improve your skills as an interviewer and writer, or in other areas you might have an interest, such as editing, proofreading, and book design. What we can’t teach is empathy. If you have it, this could be an opportunity to gain experience in the craft of writing and/or publishing, connect with other writers and learn from some superb authors, writing coaches, professional editors and book designers. While you are actively serving as a volunteer, these workshops and training sessions** will be provided free of charge.

If you would like to explore this volunteer opportunity further, please contact us at


Storytellers – Do you have some great stories and words of wisdom to share?

There a so many wonderful stories in our lives, just waiting to be written down. Have you been wondering how you might pass on your insights, life lessons and fascinating stories of growing up? Perhaps you’ve lived to tell the tales of intriguing adventures or unique travel experiences. We call this sort of storytelling a legacy statement, and we are deeply committed to helping inspire people to create their own legacy statements for the benefit of future generations.

It’s a lot of work, isn’t it? If only there were someone to help.

That’s what we’re here for. Start right now by getting in touch with Legacy Writing Partners. After a personal chat by phone, you’ll receive a list of questions that tells us more about the stories or words of wisdom you’d like to preserve—the content of your legacy statement. You’ll let us know what town or city* you are in or near, how much time you want to dedicate to the project, and any special bits and pieces you want to add, such as photos, recipes or newsclippings. Once we know about you and your project, our team will go straight to work in finding just the write legacy writing partner to conduct interviews and help you record your recollections and stories.

Lots of memories but no idea where to start?

No worries. We have a comprehensive interviewing program designed to help you dig around for the best of what you want to say. The Gift: Sharing Your Life Lessons with the People You Love Most and the The Gift Companion Workbook are your tools for creating your legacy statement.

What does it cost?

Legacy Writing Partners is a not-for-profit corporation whose trained volunteers record storytellers’ responses to questions contained in The Gift. The basic service, provided at minimal cost, includes up to 10 hours of interviewing, plus your own copy of The Gift book and workbook. In the workbook, your Legacy Writing partner will write down your responses to each of the topics you choose from the many possibilities suggested in The Gift. If you prefer, your stories can be handwritten in a separate notebook. Everything that is written during your sessions is 100% yours to keep. No part of it will be retained by Legacy Writing Partners, or used for any other purpose.

What if I want more than handwritten answers in a notebook?

Legacy Writing Partners was founded by Christine Cowley, CEO of Moss Pillow Publishing and LifeGems Personal Histories. With professionals skilled in all aspects of publishing, Legacy Writing Partners can provide you with economical, professional publishing services geared to your budget. All funds generated by Legacy Writing Partners are funnelled back into the non-profit and used to sustain volunteer development programs, such as  training in interviewing techniques, and workshops on writing, editing and book design.


*As a newly launched non-profit, we are focussing for the moment on locales within Ontario, Canada. If you live outside of Ontario, even outside Canada, WE STILL WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! We will be expanding our base as soon as we have all systems ready to reach out.

**Locations of training sessions and workshops will be as central as possible to our largest volunteer nucleus; they may also be offered on-line as our curriculum expands and develops.

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Our workshop offerings change constantly to keep up with the needs of our clients and volunteers. For an updated list and details of workshops please send an email to

I would love to hear from you!

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